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Sharing the message of social cohesion with Muslim communities

We engage in dialogues, motivational talks, seminars symposiums, classroom based teaching, workshops, group discussion and team building outings to deliver the importance and essence of integration, social cohesion, empowerment amongst the Bangladeshi and other ethnic Muslim minority communities (Somalian) with mainstream society. We deliver the important message of amalgamating with the other communities to make Britain safer to the adults, youths and children of the these diasporas.

We provide communities with guidance to help them identify dangers of religious-based extreme ideologies, anti-social activities and support those who could potentially fall prey to the entrapment of radicalisation. Studies suggest that, proximity to religion and rogue preachers increase the chances of dividing communities which produce mistrust and misinformation.

Running the above activities on an ongoing basis will support the community to eradicate those impediments of extremism.

We will be providing full briefings and motivational talks to change the mindset and encourage people to move away from the views and ideologies that encourage segregation & destruction. We will deliver programmes of seminar, group discussions, symposiums and training classes for adults, youths and children to improve them socially. We will organise field trips to support team-building. We will also organise interfaith dialogues with all faiths and religions.

We encourage individuals to engage more with mainstream society, improve their positive and pragmatic visibility in and  increase inter-community activities to create the synergy, cohesion, encourage integration and reduce the over-powering burdens of religious based brainwashing and radicalisation. Our aim is to help individuals feel as though they have an active part in society.

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