Connecting diverse communities, building brighter futures

We promote a vision of moderate Islam and social cohesion, educating Muslim youth and helping communities stand up to extremism.

About us

The Centre for Policy, Promotion and Prevention is an East Midlands-based, British-Bangladeshi run NGO that works closely with local Muslim communities promoting a vision of moderate Islam, cooperation between faiths and a safe, vibrant society for generations to come.

We run workshops in schools, Mosques, Madrassas and many other places to educate young Muslims about the dangers of religion-based extremism and empower them to become active members of UK society.
For more than 10 years, we have been encouraging integration, building resilience to the threat of radicalisation and helping young Muslims build prosperous futures.

What we do

CPPP carries out a wide range of work to counter religion-based extremism, encourage social cohesion and build strong, vibrant communities.

We support local Muslim communities and those they live alongside, as well as advising the police, local government and others who serve them.

Services we provide include:

      Lectures and seminars for young Muslims

      Research, consultancy services and political insight
      for partner organisations, service providers and
      statutory bodies

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News and events

It is almost half a century ago my country - Bangladesh;  was liberated as an Independent State. My family was displaced during the war and had to seek refuge to India. On the tumultuous day of the 16th December 1971 we heard from Akashbani Radio announced the surrender of Pakistan Army to the Indian Army; The bloody war ended. Next morning we packed up our bags; there was hardly anything to pack as refugee from the refugee camps in Agartala.

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