Connecting diverse communities, building brighter futures.

We inspire integration to achieve cohesion.

CPPP is an NGO based in the UK, which works on projects across the United Kingdom promoting community cooperation between marginal communities and the wider society. 

Our Vision

We empower young people from ethnic minority backgrounds to reach their full potential, free from the stigma of racism. We encourage them to reject extremism and contribute to creating prosperity and well integrated communities. The majority of our projects focus on people of Bangladeshi backgrounds, as they are among the most vulnerable and marginalised ethnic groups in the UK.

Our events directly tackle social problems which affect young people in communities, such as drugs and knife crime, online sexual exploitation and the lure of religious extremism. Through mentoring and by offering positive role models, we have inspired many young people to develop a more balanced outlook, which guides them towards affirmative life choices. 

Educational - Research Projects

We encourage teachers to present students with a broad range of ideas about religion and society, so that ingrained prejudices can be challenged. We support local authorities and independent educators as they promote dialogue between people from diverse backgrounds.Our team includes experts who can offer insights into the education system and work opportunities for young people. Our supporters include teachers, career advisors, doctors and representatives from local and national government. We often partner with other organisations in providing services to particular groups and regions.During our sessions with young people, we take practical and hands-on approach. We address their concerns and speak their language. We run workshops, courses and interactive learning meeting sessions for young men and women. We place particular emphasis on teamwork and tolerance.

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